What is Intergroup (IG)?

Tulsa Green Country Intergroup is a local OA service board established and supported by OA groups and members to help carry the OA message within the Tulsa Green Country area.  Intergroup meets on the second Saturday of each month at the OA office (4833 S. Sheridan, Suite 405) from 9:45 am to roughly 10:45 am. Any OA member may attend, listen, and give input; however, only board members, committee chairs, and group representatives may vote.

Intergroup Board and Committee Chairs

2019-2021 Board Members

PositionNameContact Info.
Lynn W. 918-406-8652
Vice Chair
Nancy V. 918-852-0383
Bonnie P. -
Carrie K.-
Rep/DelegateKelley S. -
Alt. DelegateCraig F. -

2019-2020 Committee Chairs 
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PositionNameContact Info.
Kimberly M.-
Lifeline Rep. 
Barbie B. -
Young People

12th Step Within
Sally D.-
Oasis Newsletter
Public Information
     Linda G.

State Convention         Lynn W.
Fall Retreat         
OA Birthday                Ruth W.
Unity Day                  Danielle S.
Idea Day
Spring Retreat           Linda K.

Tulsa Green Country OA Bylaws 
(last updated February 2015)

IG Policies and Procedures Manual 
(last updated June 2017)